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Start earning points today with our fantastic points rewards programme which is 100% FREE! 

  1. Create an account with us today by clicking Sign In above or at the checkout.
  2. Have a browse of our shop and place your yummy pick and mix order.
  3. For every £1 you spend you will accrue 10 points; every 100 points will give you 50p to use on a future order!

Please Note: Points will automatically expire 1 year after the date of acquisition.


  • Every order you place will accrue points: £1 spent = 10 points; 100 points = 50p to use on a future order.
  • When you register your account for the first time you will collect 100 points.
  • Because we love all of our customers so much, if you create an account with us you’ll be sent an exclusive 10% off discount code for your next order.
  • If you sign up to our marketing opt-in you will get exclusive access to giveaways and discount codes. Some of our most recent promotions include: 20% off and free shipping coupon codes.
  • Our top 100 spenders will go into an exclusive club and be sent super exclusive promotions with MASSIVE discounts and offers.
  • Furthermore, our top 100 spenders will go into a prize raffle draw every month and the winner will receive a FREE giveaway bag of sweets plus a discount code that is exclusive to just them for their next order.