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5 Pick N Mix Sweets You Won’t Believe Are Vegan!

5 Pick N Mix Sweets You Won’t Believe Are Vegan!

Vegan Pick and Mix


Veganism really has come into its own over the past few years! To make sure everyone can enjoy our delicious pick and mix sweets service, we at PickandMix.com always strive to expand our range to cater to all. As such, we’re constantly on the lookout for vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and Halal sweets.


When browsing our sweets, we provide a handy indicator to let you know whether our sweets are vegan, vegetarian and/or gluten free. See the below key:

‘Ve’ for suitable for vegetarians in yellow.
‘V’ for suitable for vegans in green.
‘GF’ for gluten free in red.


If you’re after a full pick and mix bag filled with just our vegan sweets, then look no further than our Vegan Bag here from as little as £4.99 up to a whopping 2kg!


Indeed, here’s our top 5 favourite vegan pick and mix sweets, you won’t believe some of them!

1. Tongue Painters

Tongue Painters

Our tantalising Tongue Painters are exactly what they say on the tin! They are fun, gummy, paintbrush-shaped sweets with a bright blue end. Our customers have so much fun with these and its pretty much agreed there’s only two ways to eat these pick n mix sweets. Firstly, you can go for the classic option of just popping them in your mouth and chewing on them. Alternatively, you can hold onto the end of them and brush the blue end onto your tongue and watch your tongue go vibrant blue!

Not only are they vegan friendly, they’re also suitable for vegetarians! You can get yourself a 500g bag of just our iconic Tongue Painters for £6.99!


2. Fizzy Cherries

Fizzy Cherries

We at PickandMix.com love our classic, retro Fizzy Cherries. It’s pretty clear to us that our picknmix customers love our food-shaped sweets. Indeed, we even made a premixed bag of sweets filled with just our fruit-resembling sweets! Our Fizzy Cherries are not only vegan friendly but also suitable for vegetarians. These bright, vibrant, green and red cherry-shaped sweets are covered in a tangy sugar coating – this really enhances the cherry flavour.

If you’re sold, you can get a 500g picknmix bag filled with just our iconic Fizzy Cherries for £6.99.


3. Fizzy Blue Jelly Babies

Fizzy Blue Jelly Babies

A twist on the classic Jelly Babies, our Fizzy Blue Jelly Babies are bright blue, chewy, sugar-coated sweets. They have a fruity blue raspberry flavour with a fizzy sugar coating to give them a nice tangy hit! Our Fizzy Blue Jelly Babies are vegan friendly as well as being suitable for vegetarians. It’s clear to us that blue raspberry flavoured sweets are a big hit, be sure to have a look at some of our others: Blue Raspberry Bonbons and Blue Raspberry Rocketz.

Get a 500g picknmix sweets bag filled with just our Fizzy Blue Jelly Babies here!


4. Sour Dummies

Sour Dummies

Yet another iconic picknmix sweet that we’ve all grown up with! Sour Dummies really are one of our customers’ most favourite sweet, they’re fruity flavoured with a tangy sugar coating. Everyone enjoys our Sour Dummies, these tangy gummies are vegan friendly as well as being suitable for vegetarians. They’re also dairy free and free from artificial colours – what more is there to love? If you’re a big fan of fizzy and sour sweets like us, then you can get a picknmix sweets bag filled with just fizzy and sour options, starting from as little as £6.99 up to 2kg of sweets!


5. Flying Saucers

Flying Saucers

Who doesn’t know the iconic Flying Saucers? They’re the original pick and mix sweet – we’ve all grown up with them and we all love them! As an all time favourite, retro sweet at PickandMix.com, our Flying Saucers continue to be a must-have and if you’ve not tried them, now is the time to start. Indeed, they’re a delicate, papery saucer-shaped sweet filled with classic sherbet to give them their instantly recognisable taste and tang. Our Flying Saucers are gluten free, vegan and suitable for vegetarians, so everyone can indulge in the sherbet-y goodness of this brilliant picknmix selection.

While we don’t offer a single 500g bag of our Flying Saucers, you can always add them to your Create Your Own picknmix bag or grab a bag of our Fizzy and Sours Bag.



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